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7 helpful uses for sandbags at home

pile of hessian sandbags

We’re all familiar with the image of sandbags piled up in the midst of a Hollywood blockbuster shoot-out. But what are the practical, everyday uses for sandbags? There are many uses for sandbags that can benefit yourself and your home. Read on to uncover the top seven uses for sandbags – some of which you may have never known before. 

1. Protect from floods

Undoubtedly the most common use of sandbags around the house. Why? A sandbag wall is the perfect defence mechanism against floods. So if your area is prone to flooding, be sure to keep some sandbags in the house in case of an emergency. Building a sandbag wall is a cheap, easy, and effective way of minimising the risk of serious damage to your property. Not sure where to begin? Our guide on how to prevent flood damage with sandbags tells you exactly how to fill, stack, and waterproof a sandbag wall. 

2. Yoga

Did you know that you can use sandbags for exercises such as yoga? Yoga sandbags are simply sandbags that are used during your usual yoga session. They can be utilised in different ways to make things both easier and more challenging, depending on your goals for that session. Learn how to make yoga sandbags, using a variety of different materials for a cheap and easy yoga accessory. 

3. Weights

Sometimes, outdoor items and furniture may need some extra help to stay in place. Sandbags can be used to weigh down any outdoor items to prevent them from being knocked over or blown away in the wind. Simply fill and tie a sandbag up, then place it at the base of whatever needs to stay grounded. Try using sandbags for tents, garden furniture, or even balloons if you’re throwing a party. They can also be used to weigh down awnings by tying them together with rope

4. Improve traction with rear-wheel-drive

When driving a rear-wheel drive vehicle on slippery roads, it helps to have weight towards the back of your vehicle. So, if you don’t frequently have passengers or equipment in the back of your vehicle, then sandbags can help with traction in slippery conditions. Place sandbags somewhere secure towards the back of your vehicle, over the rear axle. This will usually be in the boot of your car. Just bear in mind that sandbags should always be positioned as close to the rear wheels as possible – as long as it’s safe, of course. 

5. Prevent erosion

Erosion is an issue caused by exposure to wind and water, which can quickly escalate to cause more serious structural damage. Luckily, sandbags prevent erosion by providing extra support to walls or roadways. Since sandbags are not a permanent solution, this means they can be easily moved and rearranged. Hessian sandbags are perfect for supporting natural structures, as the natural fibres will break down and merge with the surrounding landscape over time. 

6. Physical training

Using sandbags for exercise doesn’t stop at yoga; there are a whole range of ways to utilise sandbags for physical activity. The most obvious way to use sandbags would be to practise strength training. Hold the sandbags like you would any heavy item for a cheap alternative to weights and dumbbells. You can pair sandbags with basic exercise like squats and lunges for a more intense workout too. The best thing about using a sandbag for exercise is that the weight is so easy to adjust. All it takes is a couple of minutes to empty or fill your sandbag to achieve your desired weight. So if you’re worried about buying tonnes of weights, you won’t have to anymore. A sandbag is really all you need for home strength workouts. 

7. Shooting gun rest

If you enjoy shooting clay pigeons as a pastime, then you’ll likely know that a gun rest is incredibly helpful for improving stability. However, there’s no need to splurge on an elaborate, expensive gun rest – a few sandbags piled up does just the trick. Many gun rests are made from similar materials to a sandbag too, so why not save yourself the cash? Plus, by creating a sandbag gun rest yourself, you can customise the exact height and shape that is most comfortable for you.

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