Black Nylon Sash Window Cords

Brought to you by the high-quality brand Everlasto, these black nylon sash window cords are made with an eight-plait nylon cover and nylon core, making it one of the strongest sash cords, ideal for where extra strength is needed. Not only that, they’re also extremely resistant to abrasion, mildew, rot, mould and most chemicals. With impressive break strain, you can rely on a super durable product here at Rope Source.

What else can you use black nylon sash window cords for?

  • Washing lines
  • Pulley lines
  • With clothes airers
  • As a strong general purpose rope
  • DIY projects
  • Being black, they’re popular in the theatre where cords need to be concealed


Available in various lengths and thicknesses, see what sash window cords are right for you by getting in touch on 01204 897642 or simply contact us by form; we’re always happy to help.

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Showing all 10 results