A life-changing resource, the paracord (or the 550 cord because of its 550-pound breaking test) was originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during the Second World War as well as by astronauts on space missions.

Our seven-strand paracords are manufactured by a certified US Government contractor and come in a range of great, suitable colours, from: black, olive, white, woodland camo to neon orange, neon pink and light pink.

Popular amongst hikers, survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts, they are approximately 4mm thick, are available in various lengths and are all 100% nylon. Whatever your outdoor adventure, Rope Source provides only the best, superb-quality products so you can rest assured we’ve got you covered.

Ways you can use survival paracord:

  • If there’s no suture kit, inner threads of a paracord can be used as an emergency alternative to stitch up wounds
  • For an injured arm or shoulder, create a sling using a stick, a soft material or jacket and a paracord to tie around the neck, wrist and elbow
  • For makeshift stretchers
  • As rescue lines
  • Tie slip knots, clove hitches, figure ‘8’ knots and girth knots
  • Create tripwires
  • Restraints or as handcuffs
  • Makeshift stone-throwing sling
  • Makeshift fishing lines and nets
  • Create a survival bracelet or belt with paracord

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