Macrame Cord

When it comes to choice and supreme quality, Rope Source is the place to come. And when it comes to macrame cord, it’s no different, as we provide first-rate products, with the Everlasto brand. Made in a three-strand twisted construction, our natural cotton cord is available in a multitude of striking colours – from burgundy, blonde, sage green, daffodil, lemon, black, beefeater red to apricot, rose pink, saffron, tangerine, violet and many more.

The three-strand twisted construction of this macrame cord makes it stronger than single-twisted, as it holds together better making it ideal for projects where extra strength is required, such as furniture pieces. Once pulled apart, it will give a fun wavy finish and add texture to your design.

Made from natural cotton fibres, this means as well as it being a stunning, high-quality product, it also has great sustainability credentials. Also, check out our macrame twine, piping cord and sash window cord for more craft and DIY resources.

Please note that diameters are approximate and shades can vary from batch to batch. Please be sure to order more than enough for any given project.

For help with options, get in touch on 01204 897642 or contact us by form; we’re always happy to help.

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Showing all 2 results