Macrame Cord

When it comes to choice and supreme quality, Rope Source is the number one place to go. And it’s no different when it comes to macrame cord, as we provide first-rate products with the Everlasto brand. Made in a three-strand twisted construction, our natural cotton cord is available to purchase in a multitude of striking colours – from burgundy, blonde, sage green, daffodil, lemon, black and beefeater red to apricot, rose pink, saffron, tangerine, violet and many more.

The three-strand twisted construction of this macrame cord makes it stronger than a single-twisted cord. This is because it holds together better, making it ideal for projects where extra strength is required, such as furniture pieces. Once pulled apart, it will give a fun wavy finish and add texture to your design.

Made from natural cotton fibres, macrame cord is a stunning, high-quality product and also has great sustainability credentials. Discover our range of macrame cords below, or check out our macrame twine, piping cord and sash window cord for more craft and DIY resources. Order today for fast UK delivery!

Please note that diameters are approximate and shades can vary from batch to batch. Please be sure to order more than enough for any given project.For help with options, get in touch on 01204 897642 or contact us by form; we’re always happy to help.

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Showing all 2 results

Frequently asked questions about macrame cord and macrame rope

What is macrame cord?

Macrame cord consists of a number of threads that are twisted together to form a strong, smooth and even cord for macrame craft projects. This cord is a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, as it’s strong enough to be knotted and hold its shape while being smooth and delicate enough for intricate designs. Macrame cord can be used to create an extensive array of items, including plant hangers, dream catchers, belts, clothes, curtains, coasters, tablecloths, necklaces, wall hangings and much more.

How much macrame cord do I need?

This depends on what you’re using your macrame cord for, but there’s a simple calculation to help you work this out based on the length of your project. First, you need to decide on the desired length of your craft project, such as a macrame belt or wall hanging. Then, multiply this number by 4 to get a rough estimate of the length of macrame cord you need.

What’s the difference between macrame cord and macrame rope?

In general, a cord is thicker and studier than a string, and a rope is thicker and sturdier than a cord. Therefore, you would use macrame cord for more delicate work and macrame rope if you want something stronger.

Can you use any cord for macrame?

You can use any type of cord for macrame, but some cords work better than others for particular macrame projects. For example, single twist cord is very soft and flexible but can start to unravel, three-ply twist is thicker and provides more structure, and macrame rope is much thicker and therefore strong but not suitable for intricate work.

Plus, you can find these macrame cords in different sizes and materials. Our macrame cord (and most macrame cord on the market) is made from cotton because this material is soft, strong and dye-absorbent, but you can also find macrame cord made from jute, hemp and linen.

What is the best cord for macrame?

Cotton is probably the best material to go for because it’s strong, soft and readily available. In terms of cord type, we would recommend three-strand twisted macrame cord because of its strength and ability to hold its shape, but this can depend on your macrame project. You may want a thinner cord or string for intricate designs or a thicker cord or rope for larger projects that need more support.

Is macrame a cheap hobby?

Macrame is a pretty affordable hobby to get into. Spools of cotton macrame cord aren’t expensive, so there’s a low barrier to entry. However, more complex projects requiring a lot of cord or different types of materials can become more costly.