Bungee Cords

At Rope Source we stock one of the widest range of bungee cords/shock cords and bungee cord accessories availabke online. Our bungee cords are manufactured with a tough and hard-wearing synthetic outer and a natural rubber core, making these shock cords both strong and flexible and are capable of 100% plus elongation. Our Everlasto bungee cords are strong, UV resistant, waterproof and wear-resistant and their durable manufacture will ensure a long life. Our bungee shock cords are available in various sizes from 10m to 100m as either a hank or on a reel, from 3mm to 10mm in diameter and in a range of colours. In addition to the bungee cord, we also offer a range of bungee cord accessories and assemblies including luggage elastics, hooks and hog rings to make your own bespoke.