Whipping Twine

Perfect for marine use and much more, our Kingfisher waxed, polyester twisted whipping twine works brilliantly with synthetic ropes. Strong, hardwearing and waterproof – they’re ideal for whipping smaller diameter ropes. Whipping provides a neat, soft, aesthetic and permanent end to the rope and prevents fibres from unravelling.

Why whipping twine is perfect for marine use:

  • It helps prevent a rope’s natural tendency to fray
  • Helps stop unravelling
  • Provides neater and tidier ends
  • Offers better support structure
  • Waterproof properties

How to whip the end of a rope:

  • Cut off the part of rope that is fraying or unravelling
  • Cut the whipping twine at a suitable length to wrap around the rope end several times
  • Make a loop along the rope, leaving a short distance from the end of the rope
  • Now wrap the twine tightly over and around the loop, laid along the rope, several times so it has enough support
  • Once you’ve wrapped the twine around the rope and loop, place the working end of the twine through the loop end underneath
  • Then pull on the opposite, standing end of the twine to tighten up both ends, locking the loop under the whipping thread, before cutting twine ends off


Available in 40g to 1kg sets.

For any requests, give us a call on 01204 897642 or contact us by form. Check out our marine and yacht ropes range for more of our products.

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Showing all 3 results