Staple Spun Polypropylene Ropes

Our staple spun polypropylene rope is a polypropylene rope that is made from staple spun polypropylene fibres which means that it has the look and appearance of a traditional natural rope but has the strength and hard-wearing properties of synthetic rope. In contrast, to split film polypropylene ropes, the polypropylene yarn is spun into fibres before being twisted to form the staple spun polypropylene rope in much the same way as a natural rope would be made. It is superior in quality and strength to standard polypropylene ropes, floats in water, is rot-resistant, lightweight, strong and flexible. This makes these poly ropes ideal for lifting, towing and mooring applications. These staple spun polypropylene ropes are available from 10-36mm either by the metre or in set lengths up to a full 220m commercial coil. Our staple spun poly ropes are quality Everlasto products from James Lever of Bolton – ropes and twines since 1856.