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We are online suppliers of ropes, twines, cordage and associated products. At Rope Source we aim to provide the best quality rope, twine and cord products at the most competitive prices. We source predominantly from UK Rope and Twine manufacturers and suppliers and are specialists in:


We are one of the UK’s leading rope suppliers. From decking ropes to clothes lines, we stock a huge range of both synthetic and natural ropes. Our polyhemp, sisal and manila ropes are perfect for use with garden decking and our polypropylene ropes are widely used in agricultural, industrial, leisure and transport applications. We also have a wide range of coloured cotton ropes, magician’s ropes and decorative braids, and we stock a selection of quality marine and yacht ropes.


We have a great selection of UK manufactured twines including butcher’s twines certified for food use, organic green and brown jute twines, flax twine for upholstery, strong sisal twine for packaging, polypropylene twine for use around the home, office and garden, decorative twines and one of the widest ranges of craft twines available online – the complete ‘Beautiful Baker’s Twine’ range.


We have a wide range of strings available in various diameters including standard and polished cotton string, cotton craft string and coloured cotton string, traditional parcel string for tying brown paper parcels, jute garden string for tying jobs around the garden and general-purpose household string. All are available either as a ball, spool or even in a tin, in various sizes and are manufactured in the UK.


We also specialise in various cords. Our hard-wearing Everlasto sash cords are the UK brand leader and ideal for use with sash windows. We have a selection of elastic bungee cords, also known as shock cords, which are ideal for use with roof racks, tarpaulin tie-downs, camping and many more transport and leisure applications. Our nylon blind cord is ideal for use on Festoon Roman blinds and Austrian blinds and we also stock piping cords for upholstery use.


Our range of products will be constantly changing as we add new lines but as there are so many ropes, twines, strings and cords it is impossible to list or stock them all. If the product you are looking for cannot be found on our website, we will strive to fulfil your requirements, source the item you need and even match the samples you send wherever possible.

Please feel free to drop in and see us at our warehouses if you would like to view our range of products to help you make your choice! Please call before setting off so we can be ready for you.