Whatever line resource you need, we’ve got you covered here at Rope Source – thanks to our brilliant range. We only provide the most trusted brands, and you’ve certainly got that with the market-leading Everlasto brand. Here you’ll find a great range of builder’s lines, pulley lines and clothes/washing lines, all made with high durability and strength in mind.

From traditional white or black to brightly coloured, our builder’s lines are incredibly strong thanks to their three-strand, synthetic construction. Our pulley lines also share this strength with plenty of options from natural or waxed cotton to jute, nylon and polythene materials. Or, if you need clothes lines, we’ve got an impressive and extensive offering – with PVC, natural cotton, jute or translucent lines. There are even more options, like waxed cotton and poly or steel cores for PVC lines too. Whatever your need or style, you’re sure to find the ideal line with Rope Source.

Available in various lengths and thicknesses, see which lines are right for you by getting in touch on 01204 897642 or simply contact us by form; we’re always happy to help.

What’s the difference between a rope and a line?

Ropes and lines are very similar. The general term for a length of material made from multiple strands of fibres that are twisted or braided together is a rope. However, once this rope has a specific purpose, such as hanging up laundry, it can be referred to as a line. Washing line rope and pulley rope can also be called washing lines or pulley lines. Our PVC washing lines are slightly different to traditional ropes as these lines are extruded around a central core to give them a smooth and wipe clean outer, rather than twisted or braided like other ropes. 

What are the different types of lines?

You can choose from a variety of natural or synthetic lines depending on your needs and preferences. Natural lines like cotton washing line and jute washing line are softer and more eco-friendly, but synthetic lines like PVC lines and polypropylene lines are generally stronger, more durable, more weather-resistant, and can stretch and spring back into shape more easily. This makes synthetic lines better for heavy-duty applications.

Should I use natural or synthetic lines?

This entirely depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a soft and eco-friendly washing line that’s gentle on your clothes, you might prefer a cotton washing line or jute washing line rope. If you need to hang up larger laundry loads or you’re looking for extra strong pulley lines, you may be better off with synthetic materials like PVC, polypropylene or nylon pulley lines.