Natural Hemp Rope

A softer material of the natural ropes range, natural hemp rope is made from the industrial fibres of the cannabis plant. Hemp has been a versatile material throughout history and is one of the oldest natural ropes still being used today.

What can I use natural hemp rope for?

As it is softer on the hands, natural hemp ropes are typically used in gyms, for climbing ropes and work wonderfully for home decor or for architectural uses. Whether it be handrails, barriers or border ropes, hemp ropes have very low stretch qualities and are strong and supple to the hand. They have also been traditionally used for marine purposes: rigging and ships, due to their balance of durability and easy handling.

Qualities of natural hemp ropes

100% natural material from the cannabis plant Environmentally friendly and biodegradable These ropes are naturally heat-resistant and flame-retardant Strong yet softer on hands Traditionally used on ships and gives an authentic nautical style Twisted strand construction


Tip! While it is suitable for outdoor use, we advise that it is treated first and we recommend our polyhemp rope for applications, such as garden decking.

For more tips on how best to treat natural ropes, what to use them for and for diameters, call us on 01204 897642 or contact us today. Also, check out our rustic manila rope.

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