Face Masks

At Rope Source, we’re not just focused on providing you with the best ranges of ropes, twines and cords, we’re here to help with any kind of project or undertaking with those little extras you may need. That’s why we’re also providing high-quality, CE and FDA marked face masks to help with any of your DIY tasks, as well as helping you stock up for any global pandemics. Help protect you and others from viruses, as well as pollen, smoke, bacteria and dust particles.

Covering your nose, mouth and chin, you can rely on a snug fit to offer the best protection against unwanted smut, germs or viruses, designed to filter out a minimum of 95% particles. These 3D-shaped masks are ergonomically designed to fit your face effectively, and to sit slightly away from the mouth to make it more comfortable to breathe, speak and wear. Not only that, they’re super easy to handle and store, as they can be folded flat.

So, whatever the job, whether you’re working with ropes, timber, doing cargo control or simply need more protection from viruses, these quality-approved face masks are just what you need.

For more info, get in touch on 01204 897642 or simply contact us by form; we’re always happy to help.

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