Magicians Ropes

At Rope Source we stock one of the widest ranges of luxury coreless cotton braided ropes, commonly known as ‘magician’s ropes’. These ‘magic’ ropes are finely woven using soft cotton yarn in a hollow braid construction to make an ultra soft flexible rope that is incredibly easy to manipulate and handle during the magican’s on stage routines. Although originally made as magician’s rope this rope has become popular for a variety of uses and applications such as craft and interior design where these hollow ropes can be used to cover wire frames to make coloured structures such as light shades. As this rope is so soft and comfortable on the skin it has also become popular for use as a bondage rope. It is available in all of the striking colours of the ‘Beautiful Baker’s Twine’ range. These ropes are quality Everlasto products made in the UK by James Lever, Bolton – rope and twine manufacturers since 1856.