Decking Rope Fittings

To complete the ends of decking ropes and to finish off the job, we stock a wide range of decking rope fittings – available in either a brass or chrome finish to fit our sisal, manila and polyhemp decking rope sizes (24-40mm). Weatherproof, they are perfect for giving neat finishes when attaching your ropes to a post.

Special properties

  • All fittings are made from brass
  • All come with 304-grade screws
  • Anti-rust properties
  • Solid cast brass or chrome finishes
  • Fittings include: cup ends, ring hooks, snap hooks, pipe brackets, end hooks and end plates

What can you use decking rope fittings for?

Due to their anti-rust properties, these fittings work superbly for outdoor use, fitting to:

  • Barrier ropes
  • Bannister ropes
  • Stair ropes
  • Handrail ropes
  • Crowd-control ropes


Diameters: From 24mm to 40mm


Tip! Please note, decking ropes can measure thicker than stated, therefore please double check rope diameter before ordering your fittings. Our decking rope fittings are made slightly wider (approx 3-4mm) than the diameter of the rope they are matched for, to give a snug fit which can then be screwed into place. We advise to tightly wrap the end of your rope with tape before fitting; it may be necessary to build up your rope with extra tape to get the snug fit needed.

For more support or info on fitting decking ropes, talk to our friendly team today on 01204 897642 or contact us by form.