Manila Decking Ropes

With fibres obtained from the abaca plant, native to the Philippines (where Manila is the capital), our manila decking ropes are constructed in a twisted three-strand production, giving a rustic feel to any decking work. Manila is the type of rope that would have traditionally been used on ships due to its durability and flexibility and would not look out of place in any rural seating area.

Why opt for a manila decking rope?

Whether you need ropes for garden work or shipping, manila fibre ropes go so well with all kinds of outdoor uses:

  • For handrails
  • As barrier ropes
  • Fencing
  • General landscaping

Diameters: from 6mm to 28mm

Tip! It is highly durable and flexible but will also shrink when wet, so it is advised to pre-soak before fitting and drilling any holes.

We also advise the rope to be treated with a water repellant spray before outdooe use.

Available either by the metre or in set lengths, call us on 01204 897642 or contact us today for requests.