Decking Ropes

We stock a wide range of natural and synthetic Everlasto decking ropes suitable for use with garden decking, outdoor seating areas, childrens play areas etc. We stock decking ropes manufactured from both natural and synthetic fibres. In addition to our natural sisal and natural manila ropes we also stock polyhemp rope, the synthetic hemp rope, a rope made to look and feel like natural hemp rope whilst retaining the hard-wearing properties of a modern synthetic rope. Our decking ropes are availble from 6-36mm either by the metre or in discounted set lengths here in the decking ropes section. We advise that the natural ropes are soaked in water prior to fitting as they can shrink in length and expand in girth when wet. We also advise not to drill your posts before you receive your decking rope as the ropes can often come out thicker than stated once taken off the coil. Our Everlasto decking ropes are high quality ropes supplied by James Lever of Bolton – ropes and twines since 1856.