Blue Polypropylene Ropes

A quality, general purpose rope, the blue polypropylene rope – aka ‘blue polyprop rope’ – is a versatile, rot-resistant, strong rope perfect for a range of industries. At Rope Source, we provide blue poly ropes in large and handy mini coils, trade reels, hanks and a range of length sets – accommodating a vast array of needs.

You can always rely on these strong polypropylene (PP) ropes – which are made in a three-strand, split film twisted construction – as they are: strong, versatile, lightweight, waterproof and do not shrink when wet.

A more cost-effective option over other synthetic fibres, polypropylene ropes are the ideal all-purpose, great-value ropes and are extremely popular. Here’s why:

Sectors that blue polypropylene ropes are working in right now

  • Agricultural
  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Building and construction
  • Leisure
  • Transport

Uses for blue poly ropes

  • Lashing, lifting and pulling
  • Drawcords for pulling cables underground
  • Aquaculture
  • Commercial fishing
  • Moorings
  • Hoisting and hauling


Blue not your colour? Take a look at our vibrant range of coloured polypropylene ropes to suit your fancy.

Diameters and lengths: Available as large 220m commercial coils, 50m & 100m trade reels. Diameters from 4mm to 32mm

For any length requests or help with options, just give us a call on 01204 897642 or contact us by form.