Blue Polypropylene Ropes

At Rope Source we stock a range of quality ‘Everlasto’ blue polypropylene ropes from 4mm to 32mm in diameter. This quality general purpose blue ‘polyprop’ rope is available as large 220m commercial coils, as ‘handy’ mini coils, hanks and 50 and 100m trade reels. These strong polypropylene (PP) ropes are made in a three-strand split film twisted construction. Polypropylene ropes are strong and versatile whilst remaining light and waterproof and they do not shrink when wet. As polypropylene is less expensive than other synthetic fibres polypropylene ropes are the ideal all-purpose, great value ropes and are extremely popular. As polypropylene rope is the cheapest and most cost-effective rope on the market it is widely used for hundreds of applications in the agricultural, building, domestic, industrial, leisure and transport sectors. These include for example lashing, lifting, pulling. They are often used as drawcords for pulling cables underground and we stock the popular 6mm x 500m cable draw cord supplied on a wooden drum for easy dispensing. Polypropylene rops also float on water and retain their shape well in challenging conditions. Despite being made from polypropylene they are often referred to by the generic name of blue nylon rope although polyprop ropes are much more cost-effective than nylon ropes.