Natural Ropes

Made from natural, plant fibres, our natural ropes come in a range of special organic materials: cotton, jute, mixed fibre, hemp, sisal to manila ropes: ranging in diameters from 6mm to 32mm. Having been sourced from plants, these ropes are made for more traditional, rustic feels and finishes as well as being perfectly suited for organic projects and pet items.

Before the introduction of synthetic ropes (like our polypropylene ropes), natural ropes were the standard materials used for many industries and are still standing the test of time; their use covers decking, decorative work, cat-scratching posts, gardening, farming, climbing ropes to clothing and manufacture. The creative range of uses are endless. Versatile, sturdy and rustic, our organic ropes can also be sourced in thicker sizes upon request, but our natural hemp, cotton and manila rope materials are already amply matched for work or projects that need thicker roping solutions. Our natural ropes available in diameters 6mm to 32mm.

Being natural, you can benefit from being eco-friendly as they are also biodegradable – meaning they will eventually naturally decompose. Our plant-sourced ropes can be used both inside and outside, but we recommend they are treated for outdoor use to get the most durability out of them.

Tip! Ropes made from natural fibres can shrink in length and expand in girth when wet, so we advise pre-soaking them before use as a decking rope and not to drill the posts until this has been done.

For more tips on how to treat natural ropes or for any more info, call us on 01204 897642 or contact us today.