Sisal Decking Ropes

At Rope Source we stock superior quality three strand Everlasto sisal decking ropes available in a range of diameters either in discounted set lengths or by the metre. Sisal is a natural fibre that comes from the leaves of the Agave sisalana plant and it makes for a good, strong rope that traditionally have been used used on ships.

As it is natural sisal rope compliments planting and timberwork perfectly meaning these sisal ropes look great in the garden and the nautical effect they give means they are perfect for use in decking and landscaping projects. As sisal rope can shrink slightly in length and expand in girth when wet we advise you add 15% minimum to your measured lengths. We also suggest you do not drill the holes in your posts unitl you have received your rope and allow plenty of room as our sisal rope can often measure thicker than stated once taken off the coil.For a hassle free decking rope we recommend our polyhemp decking rope.

**Sisal rope can also shrink in length and expand in girth when wet so you must also treat the sisal rope with a waterproof solution if being used outdoors. A simple clear decking oil will do the trick**

If you are looking for a larger diameter rope than those shown please enquire as we may be able to source it for you. Our quality Everlasto sisal decking rope is supplied by James Lever of Bolton – ropes and twines since 1856.