Sparkle Macrame Twine

For your macrame crafts, you’ve come to the perfect place at Rope Source. Our range of quality Everlasto macrame twines are made from soft and pliable cotton.

What is macrame?

Macrame is the crafting technique that uses knots – over weaving or knitting – to create a range of shapes and textiles. Its historical uses are varied with sailors using it to cover anything from bottles, knife handles to parts of ships. Arab weavers also used the technique for shawls, towels, veils to decorative fringes.

Please note that diameters are approximate and shades can vary from batch to batch. Please be sure to order more than enough for any given project.

For spool size requests or help with options, just give us a call on 01204 897642 or contact us by form.

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Showing all 3 results