Clothes/Washing Lines

We stock one of the UK’s largest ranges of clothes lines made from both natural and synthetic materials. All our washing lines are Everlasto branded, a name that has become synonymous with clotheslines since James Lever first introduced the PVC clothesline to the UK market over 60 years ago. These quality clotheslines are manufactured to a high standard and and will give years of service whether you go for a traditional natural clothes line or a PVC line. Our washing lines include PVC with a poly core or steel core in a range of bright translucent colours and solid white, natural cotton, weatherproof waxed cotton and natural jute. Our clothes lines are the UK brand leaders and we offer some of the thickest on the market. Get the line dried freshness from clothes naturally drying in the breeze and save on energy by drying clothes the traditional way with a long lasting Everlasto clothesline.