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5 rustic design ideas for your home​

rustic chairs

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home that already has a rustic feel, or you’ve been obsessed with Pinterest boards lately, we’ve got five simple but beautiful rustic design ideas for a bit of DIY inspo. 

1. Driftwood mirror and shelf

We love this old-fashioned looking mirror frame and shelf. Just looking at it transports you back in time. Not many of us would think to incorporate a shelf into a mirror, but look how beautiful it can look with a variety of ornaments, candles and keepsakes. You can get this driftwood mirror ready made, or DIY it with some rustic, old beams of wood. Sand them down and give them a new lease of life, but not too much if you’re going for that rustic feel! 

Jute crafts

There’s so much you can do with twisted jute rope or jute craft twine that makes them a perfect resource for rustic-themed home decor. Here are some worthy ideas inspired by Felt Magnet:

2. Jute-wrapped handles

Simply start by tying an over-under knot to secure the end and tuck the tail back. Wrap the jute rope or twine around the handle and the tail. Trim the tail, if necessary, and continue wrapping to the end, tucking the remaining tail under the loops. Secure with a dab of clear drying glue.

3. Jute mug rugs

This one involves a little creative crochet, but don’t worry, there’s a handy YouTube video showing you exactly what to do. This jute twine material is actually brilliant for hot mugs and dishes because they’re larger and thicker than coasters, so they give great heat protection to surfaces, and they look beautifully rustic! 

4. Jute-wrapped bottles and desk containers

A popular trend in rustic home decor circles is wrapping bottles and containers in jute twine; recycling and upcycling in one! Just loop and tie a knot at the base or glue down and wrap to the top of the neck, glueing down the end twine. Use jute-wrapped bottles as ornaments or vases for beautiful flowers, and jute-wrapped tins/containers for tidying up the desk. Go colourful to suit your home’s colour palette with coloured jute craft twine.

5. Expose the stone

Nothing says rustic like exposed stone. Take a look at this quaint stone fireplace feature. If you’ve moved into a house with exposed stone, why not embrace it before thinking of a complete change, as it can be easily incorporated into a rustic theme. Blend it in with neutral tones, antiques and vintage pieces. 

Stone fireplace inspiration

For even more inspiration, check out this rustic home decor Pinterest board filled with tons of ideas. And check out our natural ropes and twines right here for your rustic renovation. 

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