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Bolton’s Everlasto manufacturer invests in a brand-new sustainable energy solution

The UK energy market has experienced quite the volatility over the last couple of years. With its impact spanning the globe, businesses and homeowners are turning to more sustainable means of harnessing energy for daily operations. There’s the added (and significant) benefit of engaging in sustainable practices to lower carbon emissions—and this is why we have an exciting announcement to share with our loyal customers and readers…That’s why we have recently invested in a new battery storage system at the James Lever factory in Bolton where our Everlasto products are produced, to harness the full power of solar energy. With the help of Clique Energy and their cutting-edge battery storage technology, we can control our industrial energy usage, allowing electricity to be stored on-site for use throughout business operating hours.

Why is this exciting news you might ask? We’re now in a position where we can reduce our carbon footprint and save costs!After all, sustainability is important to us. For generations, we’ve been passionate about both man-made and natural ropes and twines. We have a range of both natural and synthetic clotheslines which are an energy-saving way to dry laundry and our natural garden twines are an eco-friendly, biodegradable alternative to poly twines and garden wire for tying up plants in the garden and are also used in floristry, packaging and crafts. 

We’ve also extended our sustainability efforts into our very own car park. Clique has also installed EV chargers for our employees who own electric vehicles, in efforts to reduce CO2 emissions – one of the many dangers that threatens the quality of the air we breathe. Circling back to our exciting battery storage installation, Clique’s energy solution allows us to monitor our energy consumption in real-time and maximise savings from solar power. This is excellent news as we can also determine where else we can sustainably maximise our usage.

Inspired to make a (sustainable) change too?

With spring just around the corner, now could be a great time to think about how to incorporate more sustainable and energy-efficient ways of working. One of the best changes you can make at home to reduce your carbon footprint and save money at the same time is ditching the tumble drier for one of our high-quality Everlasto clotheslines. Not only is this far better for the environment but you also get the line dried freshness you can only get from natural drying outdoors. We have recently introduced a new Non-Stretch clothesline, which is 100% natural for our increasingly eco-conscious customers, and is fully biodegradable but still incredibly strong. Other ideas include opting for natural twines such as our flax twines, jute twines and sisal twines instead of plastic packaging materials and going for a natural rope over a synthetic one for your garden decking and barriers. You could even use our recycled paper bags that are a bi-product from our production for your grocery, shopping, storage and rubbish collecting or create arts, crafts and storage solutions out of natural and/or upcycled materials such as these empty yarn cones

There are absolutely tons of resources out there on how you can live more sustainably, but we hope this has inspired you to consider it for 2024 and beyond! If you’d like to learn more, check out our coverage in The Bolton News, and be sure to bookmark the Rope Source blog to find out more about craft projects, sustainable ropes, twines and much more.

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