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Homemade Halloween craft ideas

tissue paper circles

‘Tis the season to be spooky! And oh boy, have we got some brilliantly creative homemade craft ideas for you and the family? With a few basic items, you can make some ingenious little Halloween crafts. Take a look at these creepy creations.  

Spider webs

Why not create some spooky spider webs? This one is great for the kids. All you need is glue, lolly sticks, paint, coloured cotton string, and a little spider decoration. Three lolly sticks will do. Create a star shape and glue them in the middle; a hot glue gun works well and makes it super quick to dry. Then use a suitable paint (like tempura) to colour the lolly sticks whatever you like. When the paint has fully dried, grab your coloured cotton yarn, and tie a piece to one of the lolly sticks near the centre. Wrap it around the lolly sticks, doing a layer each time to create the web. Once you’ve reached the top, tie the yarn around the stick, and leave a tail for hanging the spider’s web. Adding a spider is optional! 

Broom treat bags

Perfect for little witches, these broom treat bags are so easy to make and will complete the magical look. Start by sending the little ones out to collect some sticks. This idea is also good for recycling, as all you need to do is use recycled paper bags; you’ll need two for each broom. To begin, simply grab some scissors, and cut one bag into narrow strips, stopping just above the base. With the second bag, start at the upper edge, and cut 1-to-2-inch-long narrow strips, and place it into the first bag. Fill it up with all the Halloween goodies. Gather the upper edges of the bags, fit in the branches, and then grab some jute craft twine to tie the top (tying about 1 to 2 inches from the top). 

Pumpkin hangers

Halloween isn’t Halloween without some pumpkins! But instead of leaving them dotted around on the floor or on a table, why not let them hang? With black coloured cotton macrame cord, you can create truly unique seasonal decorations. Follow this video tutorial for the step by step. 

Spooky spider egg wreath

Autumn and Halloween is the perfect time for a seasonal wreath, and you can be really creative with this one. This idea from Mike Garten uses styrofoam balls to create a spooky spider egg wreath. You can use twigs or twisted jute for the base. And then use a hot glue gun to stick on your spider decorations and other creepy items. Pick up some cobweb from your local pound shop, and add the final touches. 

Cardboard haunted house

How amazing is this?! We forget about the fantastic things we can make with all the cardboard we have lying around. And kids have brilliant imaginations. So gather those toilet roll tubes, boxes, lolly sticks, paint, and even some twines, for a fun arts and craft session with the kids. Here’s the how-to for the cardboard haunted house.

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