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Traditional Ropes - Polyhemp - Sisal - Manila
 traditional natural and synthetic ropes. These include three-strand polyhemp, sisal, cotton and manila ropes which are available in a range of rope lengths and diameters from 4mm to 32mm. These traditional ropes have a multitude of uses in the engineering, agricultural, building, marine and leisure industries and the thick ropes are frequently used as barrier/fencing ropes, decking ropes. All our traditional ropes are also available and sold by the metre and in 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 metre lengths.
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Sisal Rope

Three strand sisal ropes  strong and make a great genaral purpose rope. Larger diameters of thick sisal ropes are often used as a garden decking rope or barrier rope.

Manila Rope

Manila Ropes ranges of three stand natural manila rope available in 6mm to 28mm diameters, cut rope lengths and reels. Uk supplied in stock and next day delivery order online or Call 01204 897642

Cotton Rope

Cotton ropes our natural three strand cotton rope is a soft cotton rope These quality thick  cotton ropes are available online in 20 to 32mm order online or Call 0124 897642

Hemp Rope

UK Hemp Rope - a natural three strand hemp rope used in gyms, as barrier ropes, for bannisters and in theatre scenery.



Twisted Jute

 Three strand twisted jute great general purpose traditional rope in a natural jute fibre, ideal for use as a component in upholstery and general crafting projects - a thicker alternative to jute twine