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The best rope decor ideas to renovate any home

Feeling like you need a little renovation in the home? You can do so much with something as simple as rope! Here’s our pick of the best rope decor ideas to renovate any home. Get the glue gun out!

Hanging rope mirror frame

For a nautical rope hanging frame, like this from Lily Pad Cottage, you can either glue coiled rope to a large circular mirror or glue a mirror to the centre of some study foam board by cutting a large circular frame to fit around the mirror. For the top, cut a slit in the foam board to slide the rope through to cover unsightly rope ends. Then, wrap and coil the rope around the outer edge of the mirror, cutting the ends and taping them so they don’t fray. Once you have coiled to make a good frame –  four coils is good, but it will depend on your rope’s thickness – glue down with a hot gun. To cover up taped ends, unwind a portion of the rope to get a thinner piece and thread it through the slit you cut earlier and wrap around, repeating until it covers all the ends. Hang the mirror and frame with a length of rope, and for a true nautical style, hang it from a dock cleat.

Basket box

Create a homely box basket using some twisted jute or natural rope. All you need is a cardboard box, your rope of choice, a hot glue gun with glue sticks, and scissors. Begin by cutting the top flaps off the cardboard box with your scissors. Then, start the wrapping process, glueing the rope to the box along the way until you reach the top. Glue the final rope in place and use scissors to cut the end. Glue down any frays. Use some fabric (white muslin fabric is in the picture above) to create a custom-size liner. Now you have a perfect bathroom storage unit!

Rope vase

Add a touch of rustic style to your home with a rope vase like this from Julie Blanner. All you’ll need is a good size vase, twisted jute rope, a glue gun and glue sticks, scissors, and a heavy clip. Grab your twisted jute rope, and add some hot glue to the inside of the rope end and attach it to the base of the vase, then begin to coil it around the base tightly, adding glue every so often to the rope. When you reach the top coil at the end, add an extra dab of glue. Use a heavy clip to clamp the rope so it is secured and let it sit for a few minutes until the glue is all set.Then cut the hanging rope end with scissors and glue down any frays.

Rope coasters

Make your own quirky coasters, like these nautical ones from Making Home Base. Using sisal rope, begin the coil base and use a hot glue gun to adhere it together as you coil. Keep coiling until you get to your desired size. Add more hot glue to stick down the final coil and rope end. From there, you can use a stencil by simply cutting out a shape on some card or vinyl, and place it over the middle of your formed coaster. Then use craft paint to colour in the stencil shape. Leave it to dry before peeling off the vinyl or card and voila.

Hanging rope shelf

Create a rustic hanging shelf for your kitchen with the use of wooden planks and thick natural ropes. Sand down some planks that are all equal parts. Drill holes into each corner, about 3cm from the edges, and thread the ropes through, creating knots at the underside of the bottom shelf. Thread the rope through the next shelf, holding it in place of where you want it to be. Open the rope under the shelf and insert a dowel or nail through the rope so that the shelf can rest on it. If the rope is thin, you could also rest the plank on a knot in the rope. To attach the rope to the ceiling, use swing hangers.

Sisal lamp shade

Create a DIY sisal lamp shade by coiling around sisal rope to a lamp shade, starting from the bottom and using a hot glue gun to stick the coils in place. Make sure the bottom seam is not showing under the rope. Continue coiling and using hot glue as you go until you get the rinal top row and glue down the end. And there you have your sisal lamp shade!

Rope pouffe

Use natural ropes to create your very own rope pouffe. Find an old rubber tyre, attach some strong card to the top, and use a hot glue gun to adhere the rope from the centre, coiling around until you get to the outer edge. Keep using the hot glue to keep it firmly in place. Then take more rope, and coil it around the edges, again using hot glue as you go until it’s fully covered. 

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