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How to use rope for crafting

string for crafting

Whether you’re stuck inside on a rainy day or simply looking for ways to get creative, there are plenty of little arts and craft projects out there for you to occupy yourself with. Here at Rope Source, we look at how you can use rope for crafting to renovate your home, giving it a rustic look.

A sisal ottoman

Give your feet a rest with your own sisal ottoman. You choose the fabric, so it can be a beautiful custom-made furniture piece. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sisal rope
  • Plastic milk crate
  • Glue
  • Staple gun & staples
  • Fabric
  • Thick plywood
  • Cushion foam
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Ribbon

Start by glueing one end of the sisal rope to the bottom corner of the crate, and continue wrapping the rope around the bottom of the crate. Glue every inch or so as you go, making sure to pull tight and hold in place to dry. Once you’ve covered the crate with the rope to the top, get your plywood. Cut it to fit perfectly inside the crate. 

Take the board out and trace it on the cushion foam, and cut out the cushion to set it on top of the wood. Then flip them both over on top of your fabric, and cut out the fabric to fit around, leaving about six inches on each side to fold around the cushion and board to staple down. Finally, staple down a loop of ribbon so you can easily pull it out, and place it in the crate for your comfy sisal ottoman! It’s also a great place to store books, blankets, toys and magazines.

A jute wreath for any occasion

Create beautifully crafted wreaths for spring, Easter, Christmas – whatever the occasion. All you need is some twisted jute rope, a wreath base (which can be just some simple cardboard ring), hot glue, and whatever you want to decorate it with! Grab your twisted jute, and wrap it around the cardboard ring, glueing down as you go. Once you’ve fully wrapped the wreath, add on a loop to hang it up. The final stage is to glue down all your decorations suited to the season or occasion. For Easter, you can glue down egg-shaped cards that you’ve painted, coloured or added glitter to, as well as little baby chicks, bunnies, and spring flowers. Come Christmas time, add holly, lots of sparkle, pine cones, and spray on fake snow. Also check out our Christmas twines to mix up the wreath base, and our luxury twine selection boxes for any occasion craft. 

For more inspiration, also see these amazing autumn wreaths from the bloggers who were roped in to get crafty!

Rope craft star

Whether you have a space theme in one of your kid’s bedrooms, or it’s Christmas time, or you want to update your decor with a therapeutic project, the rope craft star is perfect. All you need is some cardboard, scissors, a pen, a ruler, a glue gun with glue, and jute craft twine

Draw out your star on cardboard, drawing lines to connect the points inside. Cut out the star, and then cut out the individual star sections. For each section, make small cuts on the bottom edges so that the twine or rope won’t slip. On the top, glue the twine down and begin wrapping it around the section. 

Grab some different coloured twine to make a pattern around the sections. Once you’ve wrapped all your star sections, get a piece of card in the shape of a circle, and glue down all your star sections to form the star. Make a hole in the centre to feed through more twine, and wrap around each of the sections to make it secure. Once you’re happy, you’ve got your little masterpiece to stand up against any ornaments, or you can add a loop to hang it up. Watch the video here.

Twine-wrapped bottles

Have some spare bottles or jars lying around? Make cute centrepieces or ornaments with craft twines. They can be in neutral and natural or vibrant and bold colours, whatever suits your home’s decor. Lie the bottle or jar on its side, and begin wrapping your twine from the base, glueing down (with a hot glue gun) as you go. Once you’ve fully wrapped the bottles and glued all the twine down, you can either leave them as they are or glue down any decorative details. 

You’re in the perfect place for your crafting materials, we have it all at Rope Source. Browse through our extensive range on our website right here, or contact us to enquire or order.

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