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Decking for your garden ideas for 2021

Nautical decking for the garden

Staycation is the buzzword for the year, not only because of travel restrictions, but also because of the interest in reviving our economy and hospitality industry. As we focus on local scenery and getaways, there’s also another revival happening, that of our homes and gardens, with them getting more TLC! So then, let’s walk through some inspiring decking ideas you can work on for your garden to turn them into classy, relaxing staycation spots. 

All aboard the nautical decking

Nautical decking 

When it comes to garden decking, the nautical design is both timeless and popular. Whether you’re a marine fan or not, this decking style works brilliantly for almost any garden. And what’s great is that this is one of the most simple ideas to do. Whatever the decking height or size, the classic nautical look has standing beams attached to the base with marine-esque ropes threaded through each to create that ‘at the pier’ vibe. You can also choose from a diverse range of decking ropes or use manila rope, mooring rope and natural ropes to complete this garden project. 

Go for ingenuity with bench decking

You can really be inventive with decking, just like this idea of having seating incorporated into the architecture of the decking. From straight to wrapped benches, you can add side tables for drinks and create the ultimate relaxation space. Add cushions and padding for an even cosier feel. 

Bench decking 

Decking around a jacuzzi

Decking around a jacuzzi

Create your go-to homely holiday spot by framing a jacuzzi with decking. Build decked walls for an elevated look. Fence the decking area off with timber barriers overlooking the greenery. This setting makes the perfect unwinding space, where you can add comfy outdoor furniture and lanterns.

Spiralled decking

Spiralled decking 

If you want to stand out, be inventive with a multi-toned, curved and spiralled decking structure leading you down to another platform and into the rest of the garden. With the curved seating design, you can add in central features and get a great structure for space.

Small garden decking

Decking ideas for small gardens 

If your garden is small and limited in space, there are still quirky deck ideas you can do, like building a little fire pit area with surround decking that is narrow. Or, have some decking paths alongside your plants and flower beds.

This is shore to impress

Beach style decking 

Why not bring the beach to you? At least the seaside style! With this theme, your creativity has no limits, as you could really go for it by adding sand areas and a pond, pool or jacuzzi and it’ll all come together perfectly. Lighter browns, greys and whites work wonderfully for the seaside style and decking. You can even give the shed a new lick of paint and turn it into a ‘beach hut’. Add beachy cushions and plants by some garden sunbeds. When all your decorations are up, put on some tranquil beach sounds, lay down and escape. 

Balcony decking

Balcony decking

Having your own balcony is a perfect way to elevate your garden space and give it a holiday vibe. If you have a longer garden, this works really well, as you can overlook the rest of the green space from a higher vantage point. Especially if it’s a higher decking, lots of beams work well for the edge support to create a safer structure. 

Decks with roof structures

Decking roof structure 

For a whimsical garden space, go for some low-level decks with a type of roof structure to hang beautiful flower baskets above and to the side of your seating spots. 

Decking edges

Decking pebble edges 

Mix textures and materials up by adding pebble paths to the sides of decks or creating stone or pebble areas between decks. Or you could use plants instead.

Create garden deck paths

Garden decking path 

You don’t have to create full floors of decking either. Why not create garden paths to lead to areas of your garden, sunbathing spots, picnic areas, flower beds or ponds etc. This simple decking idea can make a huge difference to anyone’s garden. 

Light up the decks

Lighting for decking 

Lighting for your decking is certainly something to think about, especially if you’re going to be spending more time there. And with these amazing decking ideas, you’ll certainly want to! Spotlights work brilliantly along decking edges and planting areas. But, you can also add outdoor lights across the garden and above you by attaching them to fixtures on both ends of your garden. Another popular lighting idea for gardens is wrapping them around trees if you have them. Add in lanterns and candles, and you will have created your own beautiful, bright and romantic sanctuary.

If you’re feeling inspired, bookmark this blog to help with your garden decking project, and contact us here at Rope Source for all your rope materials!

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