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Spring and Easter craft ideas for 2021

Twine next easter craft

Springtime is upon us. Flowers are sprouting, the air is getting ever so slightly warmer, and it’s the season that lightens up our moods. And rooms! It’s also a great season for crafting. Get inspired with our pick of spring and Easter crafts to keep you occupied with easily sourced materials, right here!

Floral spring wreath

Start off the season with a beautiful, floral spring wreath on your door. You can use real or faux flowers for this, whatever your preference. It all starts with a wreath hoop or band. What works brilliantly for a DIY wreath is a twine base. Use sisal twine, natural jute twine, or this perfect luxury twine spring selection box to wrap around the hoop. From there, add your flower collection with a hot glue gun. To give it an Easter flair, add egg art, baby chick toys, Easter greetings, and decorative ribbon twine

Rope Easter basket

For this craft, you can use cotton braided rope, hemp rope, or for a thinner rope, you can even use a cotton clothes line. If you want a coloured rope basket, cotton is easier to dye. 

  1. Cut around four yards (144 inches) of rope for the handle and set aside
  2. For the basket bowl base, take your remaining rope and begin coiling it at the base by a few inches to form a tight spiral at the base
  3. Stick a pin through the middle of the base to keep it in place
  4. Start sewing the coil from the middle using a zig-zag stitch (a sewing machine will work wonders), sewing each coil layer to the next layer – you’ll see your flat, coiled base forming
  5. Once you’ve reached your desired base width, begin building the sides of your basket by laying the rope on top of the outer ring of the coiled base and sew it down
  6. When you’ve sewn one full ring of rope on top of the outer base, you can turn the base on its side to carry on sewing your rope coils
  7. When you’ve reached your desired basket height, end the coil by backstitching a few stitches over the end of the rope so that the top of the basket is secure
  8. Now for the handle. Grab your rope of around four yards (144 inches); fold and coil around 15 inches together and put a pin through both ends
  9. Sew down the middle with a zig-zag stitch, so that you have two lines of the folded rope attached together, with a fold at one end
  10. Use this length and continue to fold and coil the rope, sewing along the way to keep it flat and attached until you’ve used all of the rope
  11. End the rope by backstitching again to make it secure
  12. You will end up with a handle with an arched curve at both ends; stitch each end to each side of the top of your basket

Twine nest

Make a rustic-looking, nature-inspired egg nest for your home by using simple frayed twine. It doesn’t have to be a beige or natural jute twine either. With our jute craft twine, you can use a range of colours – aqua blue, gold, candy floss, chocolate brown, spring green, crimson, and so much more! 

Or use this handy assorted pack of coloured jute craft twine for your spring and Easter crafts.

How to make a twine nest:

  1. Mix two tablespoons each of flour and water to a glue mixture in a bowl
  2. Soak the twine in the mixture to soften
  3. Begin shaping the wet twine into a coiled nest shape, and place in a plastic-lined, small bowl (roughly the same size as the nest)

4. Run the blade of some scissors against sections of some dry twine to create the frayed look
5. Stick the frayed twine sections to the nest using hot glue
6. After it’s set, fill your cute nest up with eggs!

Egg painting

We can’t forget about good, old-fashioned Easter egg painting! The creative limits are endless here, but let’s share some of our favourites. Whatever design you go for, make sure you use a table cover or newspapers to keep your surfaces clean. Have a variety of paint brushes, so you get the best outcome. Another tip is to use felt-tip marker pens for finishing touches and outlines, once the paint has set. 

Emoji eggs

Beautiful bunnies

Colourful and decorative

Unicorn eggs

Unicorn Easter eggs

Celebrate Easter and spring by getting crafty at home. For all your ropes, twines and crafting needs, Rope Source has got you covered! Contact us today for any help with craft materials.

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