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Top tips for new homeowners

Small house with keys

We understand that moving house can be a stressful process; with so many factors to consider, it’s easy for your head to become scrambled. To help you prepare for your next chapter, we’ll be sharing our new homeowner tips to make a smooth transition. We’ll be covering everything from when and how to start planning, right the way through to the exciting part; decorating. Now that you’ve got your pen and paper at the ready, let’s get started. 

How to plan moving out

It’s never too early to start planning the big move. It can be underestimated how long it takes to plastic wrap all of your valuables, form a collection of boxes in various different sizes, along with the tedious process of then labelling every box. Sounds draining, right? The key is to start as early as possible, creating a clear list of each task you need to complete before moving. You can then organise these based on priority. Nothing good comes from rushing, and you might even end up forgetting something. Take a gradual approach, hack away slowly, and try to keep calm. 

Home removals

Now that all of your belongings are safely packed up in boxes, don’t risk playing Tetris in your boot. The process will be made much simpler when relying on the help of a removal company – make sure to book them in advance. To help out, dismantle larger items prior to your move to prevent walls getting scraped.


There’s no avoiding it, a big clean up of your new home will have to take place at some point. It’s easier to pay a visit before moving in (if possible) so that you can get everything looking shipshape, and you won’t need to worry about working around your furniture. If your home is a new build, check for any screws, nails or hooks on the floor, and give everything a good dusting. 

Meeting the neighbours

Introducing yourself to the neighbours may seem like a daunting task, but if you avoid it, you could end up missing out on making friends for life. As cringy as it sounds, why not say hello armed with a plate of bakes, with the hope that they’ll return the favour at some point. Alternatively, if the weather is warm, organise a BBQ to show off that wonderful new garden of yours. Alongside the social benefits, you could also take the opportunity to ask them whether there are any plumbers or electricians they regularly rely on – which is ideal if you experience any future hiccups. 

Decorating your new home

This is where you can start to turn your house into a home, and it’s the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity. Although it’s tempting to go overboard with brand new decor, why not save yourself some cash – and have a bit of fun – with a DIY project? For those who dream of a rustic aesthetic, get inspired and have a read of our previous blog post; simple nautical home decor ideas. Jute rope and manilla rope are ideal for home decor, so whether you choose to create a coaster, beachy mirror, or rope entry mat, let your imagination run wild. And don’t stop there. Kit out your new garden with decking ropes, outdoor furniture and twinkling fairy lights for ambiance. Need some inspiration? Head over to our previous blog post for some more fabulous decking for your garden ideas

Homeowner’s journal

It’s likely that you’ll start collecting plenty of paperwork as you settle into your new home, but storing all documentation – from maintenance receipts to insurance papers – in a homeowner’s journal is a great way to stay organised. 

From kitting out the inside of your home, to impressing your new neighbours with your garden decor skills, Rope Source has everything you need to get started. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our range of ropes, cords and twines

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