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Decking ideas for small gardens that are perfect for summer

As spring transitions into summer, and homeowners brace themselves for the return of garden parties and barbeques, it’s the perfect time to show off your outdoor space. However, for gardens that are on the smaller side, redesigning your set-up without minimising available room can often seem like an impossible task. That’s where we step in. 

This collection of decking ideas – ideal for warmer seasons – should (hopefully) fill your mind with plenty of inspiration, so that you can start effortlessly transforming your small outdoor space. 

Circular decking

Move away from traditional decking design and go circular, embracing geometric designs rather than hard edges. Used as a way to set your outdoor space apart from your neighbours, complete your modern set-up with angular furniture and a curved plant border to make your decking area a feature piece. 

Complementary decking colour

The colour you choose for your decking can completely transform your outdoor space, and with an ever-expanding list of tones and shades to take your pick from, it’s never been easier to complement your home’s aesthetic. Whether you opt for a minimalist grey, earthy browns, or even a striking dark blue, make sure to pick some garden furniture that blends beautifully with your chosen decking colour to avoid making your space look crowded. 

Design a walk-way

Perfect for adding an element of playfulness to your garden, a path will trick the eye and create the illusion of increased space. Customise the surrounding area as you wish, perhaps framing your walkway with stones, tall plants and glowing floor lights to illuminate your garden.

Take your visitors on a sightseeing journey around your garden with a pathway that leads up to a featured seating area for kicking back and relaxing, or to a snap-worthy viewing point that’s worth showing off. 

Multilevel decking

Compromised on space? The answer is multilevel decking. By establishing distinct zones for varying purposes – whether that’s a cooking area complete with a fire pit, or a seating area for some outdoor, summer relaxation –  this is a great alternative for enhancing visual interest. Use steps or even a small bridge, made with wooden planks and decking ropes, to easily make your way between areas. 

Enclosing your space

If you’re looking for extra privacy, there are plenty of creative methods to enclose your decking area. Decking ropes are brilliant for just this, which vary in material and thickness, so you can customise your garden space in a way that seamlessly blends in with your desired aesthetic.

From nautical-esque manilla decking ropes that certainly wouldn’t look out of place in a rural setting, to sisal decking ropes that are great for complementing timberwork, create a rope railing that best suits your preferences.

Choosing decking furniture

Naturally, furniture preferences will vary between individuals, but for those with a smaller garden, we advise choosing compact furniture. These will be much easier to store away when summer skies turn to gloomy clouds, and they’ll make your decking area look much less cluttered. 

Multifunctional outdoor furniture is another efficient way to maximise available space – who wouldn’t fall in love with a bench that can convert into a coffee table, or seats that open up to become storage units? Choose pieces that will make your life easier. 


Now that you’ve filled your decking area with plenty of outdoor furniture, it’s time to start adding the finishing touches. Lighting can completely change the mood, so why not show off your newly designed garden space with twinkling string lights? Ideal for hosting summer parties. 

Keen to enhance your decking area? Get started today and explore our vast stock range of ropes and twines – we’ll have just what you need to start your next DIY project. Contact us today to find out more.

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