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How to create space decor for your home

Is reality getting you down? Fancy hopping in a spaceship and zooming off to another galaxy? For those who love a good crafting project, you’re sure to go all starry-eyed over these other-wordly space decor ideas for your home – perfect for adding a sense of playfulness to your space. 

Star light garland

For walls that are looking a little drab, why not decorate with a twinkling star light garland? Either cascade from your bedroom ceiling to pretend you’re gazing up at the night sky, or hang in your living room to instantly transform an area from cold to cosy. If you’ve got some Christmas lights that are collecting dust in your attic, why not put them to good use and incorporate them into your star light garland design?

To start, get some crafting foam and cut out star shapes, adding a hole to the middle for the lights to be pushed through. After doing this, screw the bulb back into the cord.

Following a similar method – which is ideal for those who also love a bit of nautical home decor – use manilla rope to create a thicker garland, twisting some fairy lights around it to enhance the outer space aesthetic. Finally, attach your stars to the thicker rope with some cotton string, knotting each in place as you go along. 

Planet mobile

Stare into space with a planet mobile 

Create your own mini solar system with this space mobile, using just a few simple tools. To begin, use a compass to sketch out your planets and sun onto a piece of white card. Once you’ve cut these out, you can paint them in a variety of different colours, using swirling and splodging techniques to add further depth.

To create a 3D effect – and to make your crafting project look all the more lifelike – you could make a slit from one edge of your planet to the centre, repeating the process with another circle template, slotting them together.

Next, make a small hole at the top of each planet, threading a piece of cotton string through, securing everything in place with a tight knot. The top of these pieces of string can then be attached onto a large circular cut out, made with a black piece of card – simply use a pin to make the small holes to indicate where you want your planets to hang. 

Outer space sun catchers

There’s no need for a telescope with DIY cosmos sun catchers – bring the cosmos to your living room as the sun seeps through the magical kaleidoscope of colours.

For this space-themed project, you can upcycle some clear plastic plates or containers that are no longer in use, which will be your base. Purchase some stained glass paints in colours of your choice, some white acrylic paint, and some paint brushes so you can start bringing life to these captivating pieces. Of course, precision isn’t necessarily needed during the initial steps, as you’ll want the paints to collide with one another to give the impression of a swirling cosmos.

Once you’ve left your paint to dry overnight, you can sprinkle some acrylic paint diluted in water over the top to make your stars, using some glitter for an added touch of sparkle. Finally, cut out circles of varying diameters, and now you’re ready to stick these beauties to your window. 

Constellation canvas

Unleash your inner artist and part-time astronomist with a lighted constellation canvas. Head over to your local craft store and locate a regular, white canvas (in a size of your choice) and a tub of black paint for the night sky you’re about to create.

Paint the entirety of your canvas black, and once this has dried, you can use a white marker pen to start sketching out your chosen constellation – armed with a reference image. This could be picked at random, or perhaps you’d like to choose one that belongs to your star sign?

Once you’ve finished sketching the constellation, punch some holes in the back of your canvas in areas where you’d like your lights to shine through. Now switch on those lights, find the perfect place to hang your fantastic new piece, and admire your outer space creation. 

Galaxy drink coasters

In search of some quirky table accessories that are out of this world? Look no further than these creative DIY galaxy drink coasters.

Using an unfinished wooden coaster as your base, paint this black with some multi-surface paint. Once left to dry, use a sponge coated in shimmery paint to dab random splodges of colour over the top. Give your sponge a clean, and throw another colour into the mix – it’s okay if they start to overlap. For the galaxy look, add more black paint over the top, dabbing gently to create a cloudy, dream-like pattern.

Next, use glitter paint to add some stars, and – once left to dry – pour a thin layer of Mod Podge on top, spreading it right up to the edge of your coaster with a paintbrush. Leave for up to 24 hours, and now you’ve got yet another brand new piece of space inspired decor. 

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