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The perfect wrapping ideas for Christmas

Christmas wrapped gifts

For those who like to beat the Christmas rush and get their gift list crossed off early, it’s now time to unleash your inner crafter and give some of these present wrapping ideas a whirl. Rather than sticking to your basic paper and ribbon, why not get creative and think outside the box this year? We hope you’ve got your scissors, glue and crafting supplies at the ready, because things are about to get fantastically festive. 

Eco-friendly ties

If you’ve already checked out our previous blog post on how to use rope for crafting, you’ll know that the options are endless. The rise of rustic wrapping means that you can never have enough natural twines in your crafting cupboard, serving as the perfect environmentally-friendly alternative to ribbon. Whether you’d like to keep things earthy with twisted jute, or you’re looking to experiment with a splash of colour by using our Christmas twines, we’ve got you covered for all of your gift wrapping needs. 

DIY Christmas stamps

Give your Christmas wrapping some extra pizzazz by crafting your very own DIY stamps, using a lint roller, craft foam, bakers twine, a skewer stick, scissors, an ink pad (in a colour of your choice) and gift paper. 

Start by cutting tree shapes (or any Christmas themed objects) out of your craft foam, using your skewer to punch a few holes in them for some extra texture. Next, take your bakers twine and assemble to create your Christmas scene, creating the impression of a hilly backdrop or pathway.

Once you’ve stuck everything to your roller, it’s time to get messy. Roll your DIY Christmas stamper in the ink pad, making sure it’s coated evenly. Roll onto your paper and let the ink dry, adding stickers or any other decorative pieces as a finishing touch if you wish. 

Natural decorations

Embrace your natural surroundings and team up with Mother Nature for this next Christmas wrapping idea. Once you’ve chosen your paper, decorative twine, and have used your DIY stamper to your heart’s content, select a few festive objects to secure on top. Here’s a touch of inspiration; you could use holly, fallen leaves, cinnamon sticks, or pine leaves to assemble a mini Christmas tree. 

DIY snowman box

To take your Christmas wrapping skills to the next level, we’ve taken inspiration from Kelly Dixon’s cardboard box snowman for this next one. This is perfect for when you’ve got boxes lying around the house that you want to repurpose, using them to stack and decorate with coloured card to craft a festive friend. Create a cosy scarf using ribbon, stick on decorative buttons and upcycle a cork to form a smoking pipe. 

Fabric gift wrapping

Another eco-friendly gift wrapping alternative is swapping out paper for funky fabric. Although it may look pretty, wrapping paper is created with dyes, often containing non-paper additives, such as decorative coloured shapes, glitter, and plastics. Unfortunately, none of these materials can be recycled. 

There are plenty of methods you can use to wrap a gift with fabric, and you can always refer back to YouTube for easy-to-follow tutorials to get you on your way. All you’ll need to do is secure everything in place with a knot, using additional twine if you wish, and remember to ask your gift receivers to save the fabric afterwards so that they too can get involved with a spot of upcycling.

If you’ve been inspired by these creative Christmas wrapping ideas, why not take a look at some of the stock we have on offer to get you started? From ropes to cords, we have everything you need to support your next big project. 

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