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5 uses for hessian fabric

hessian fabric bag

What is hessian fabric?

Hessian fabric is a completely biodegradable material made from natural jute or sisal fibres. These fibres are woven together to form a strong breathable fabric. Hessian can withstand condensation and rough handling, making them popular for frost sheets and protecting outdoor items.

What is the difference between hessian and jute?

Hessian, although made from jute, has a different composition to regular jute material. Hessian is a finer form of jute – this is what makes it breathable – whereas jute itself is coarser. Both types have benefits, but hessian’s finer jute weave improves its storage capabilities due to having a greater air flow.

Uses of hessian fabric and hessian rolls

You may or may not have heard of hessian fabric, but there are actually a lot of uses for this biodegradable material. We have put together a list of uses for your hessian fabric:


hessian rolls

Hessian rolls are perfect for craft and home decor. Whether you’re repurposing your garden hessian sacks, or purchasing some new coloured hessian rolls, both are great for crafting. Make anything from hessian Christmas stockings and decorations, to everyday homeware items such as placemats and coasters. There are lots of different craft ideas to choose from.

Upholstery projects

If you have any upholstery projects, you can use hessian for these too. Padding chairs and sofas with hessian roll, or covering them with your choice of hessian, makes for a great addition to your home. Get in touch with your sustainable side and use hessian fabric on or in your furniture.

Hessian sacks

hessian sandbag

A common use of hessian is to form sacks. Hessian sacks can be used in a variety of ways and can also be reused over and over again – making them extremely sustainable. Due to the breathability of hessian sacks, they can be used to safely store rice, coffee, potatoes and other food items, and they’re great for storing outdoor possessions. Some hessian sacks are also rot proof, making them even more compatible with food and possession storage, and they can even be used for sack races on sports day, too.

These sacks can also be filled with sand to make hessian sandbags. These are great if you live in an area that is likely to flood, or if you want to give sandbag exercises a go to spice up your workouts.

Agricultural uses

Apart from storing the things you’ve grown, you can also use hessian fabric, and sacks, as grow bags. Hessian is the perfect material for a grow bag due to its breathability and its ability to protect plants from frost or other extreme weather conditions. Hessian rolls can also be wrapped around exposed roots to make transporting and replanting plants easier – prevents crop damage. As hessian is biodegradable, it ensures that everything in your garden remains natural.

Exposure protection

hessian frost sheet

Used for both construction and agricultural purposes, hessian frost sheets are an ideal form of protection. Hessian can also withstand many other forms of extreme weather, such as heat, so keeping your items wrapped up in hessian is very beneficial.

Hopefully we have convinced you that hessian can have a wide range of uses. So, why not take a look at our hessian range? If you have any questions, our team is always on hand to help with any enquiries. Get in touch today.

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