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marine and yacht ropes for sale large range range of natural and synthetic ropes for maritime application on the seas


Marine ropes and yacht ropes, a extensive range of quality manufactured ropes suitable for maritime uses, the extensive range of marine ropes available for sale from rope source include a range of hollow braid 8 plait polypropylene cords in different colours. Three strand nylon marine ropes, pre-spliced dock lines, strong mooring ropes for boats, anchor lines are also for sale.  Orange floating ropes and colour braids including braid on braids

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Orange Polyethylene Floating Rope

This British made orange floating safety line is a twisted polyethylene rope that floats in water making it ideal for aqautic use. Its bright colour means that it has high visibilty in the water making it suitable for use as a floating lifeline and is widely used for water safety applications such as life buoys and rescue buoys. Available in 8mm various lengths.

Kingfisher Braid on Braid

Kingfisher Braid on Braid Doublebraid Polyester rope - 100% polyester with a braided core and durable braided outer. Its good to handle and easy to splice and ideal for use as a cruising rope, for sheets, halyards, control lines and general purpose applications.

Pre Stretched Polyester

 Evolution 3 strand pre-stretched polyester is a hard wearing twisted polyester rope. This high performance rope gives minimal stretch, is easy to splice and is a good, strong general purpose rope.


Mooring Rope

These high quality 3 strand polyester ropes are soft yet strong twisted ropes. They have good abrasian resistance and are very easy to splice. Non kinking and low stretch ideal  mooring and anchor ropes.

Pre-Spliced Dockline

These pre-spliced Kingfisher Docklines are made from a combination of a strong braided nylon core and a smooth polyester cover. They are strong, abrasian resistant and comfortable to handle and make ideal mooring lines.

Twisted Whipping Twine

Kingfisher waxed polyester twisted whipping twine - 40g spools of whipping twine ideal for use with synthetic ropes. Strong, hardwearing and waterproof - perfect for marine use and much more. Ideal for whipping smaller diameter rope. Whipping provides a neat, soft, aesthetic and permanent end to the rope and prevents fibres from unravelling.

Anchor Lines

Our anchor lines are made from 3 strand white nylon and pre-spliced with a stainless steel thimble eye at one end. They are hardwearing and great value for money. Available in standard lengths but optional special order lengths are available upon request.

Hot Knife

These hand held Heissschneider hot knives are ideal for cutting and sealing rope ends. The trigger action provides heat on demand. The unit is designed for cutting synthetic fibres, lines, cords and webbing and is perfect for use with yachting ropes.

Marine Polypropylene Braid

A range of hollow braid 8 plait polypropylene cords in a choice of black, white, red, blue, olive and yellow. Lightweight, waterproof and ideal for use in marine environments but also great for use in decorative and craft applications.