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Bungee Cords and Shock Cords 

Bungee and Shock Cord Information and sale guide

Rope Source carry a large stock of different types of shock cords in a great range of colours and diameters - The information below is a guide to the material and construction make up and the uses for bungee cord

Elastic Bungee Rope Shock Cords
bungee cords and bungee rope colours available over colours and the elastic cords are available in a range of diameters


Our high quality Everlasto Bungee Cord also known as 'Bungee Rope' has a two component construction with a tough braided polyester outer for high grip and a natural rubber core. These Bungee Cords (Shock Cords) are waterproof, lightweight, wear resistant and long lasting. Our Bungee Cords are highly elastic and capable of 100% plus elongation. They are ideal for cargo control use with roof racks and tarpaulin tie downs. Other uses for the Bungee Rope - Shock Cord  include with caravans, for camping, as luggage straps, car/boat/trailer covers, and many more transport and leisure applications.

Shock Cord / Bungee Rope Sizes 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm in various colours and lengths.


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Luggage Elastic Ropes with Hooks
 luggage elastic bungee cords preassembled with fixing hooks these eleastic luggage straps are available to purchase in a range of diameters and cord lengths

Sets of luggage elastics - various sizes. The luggage straps have a multi filament elastic core and a braided polyethylene outer for grip. They come complete with hook ends.

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Bungee Cord Accessories 

 A range of quality hooks and rings to complete and  make up your bungee shock cords

Bungee cords mini hooks

Everything you need to complete your bungee elastic cords
More information on bungee cord accessories and to purchase - here

Elastic Cord Accessories
bungee hooks Loop with hook Elastic cord loops      
 locking bungee loop with mini hook  hook ties Colour fast and water resistant  Minimum elasticity variation - uniform tension  Fitted with extra strong plastifed metal hook  ho crimping rings for elastic cord      


Bungee Cord Brochure
Download our brochure which shows the size and colours of our bungee ranges 

rope source bungee cord and shock cords pdf brochure showing the  extensive ranges 
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